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What you said about us

I knew nothing about Bowen Therapy until Kate explained it to me. I had treatment immediately and the results were beneficial. My aches and pains were removed. Not only that but the process was pain-free and very relaxing. I would certainly recommend Bowen therapy..not only does it fix aches and pains, it can alleviate emotional problems, I am grateful that I tried it, and will continue to use it. 


John Hoyle-Wood

MSc, BSc(Hons) DipNLP

When I commenced Bowen Therapy, I had multiple physical problems from head to toe. I have been amazed at the gentle process against the gains of freedom from pain and the strength of physical movement.  My energy levels have increased, as have my emotions. I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and expected to require surgery due to its severity. I did not wish to have the steroid injections that were on offer.  Following Bowen treatment, I am now pain-free and have full movement in my wrist and hand.

My body has had realignments where required with wondrous results. I now call it my Magical Therapy.  The whole experience is made all the better by having a Therapist such as Kate, who is calm, professional and funny.  She also has the ability to put you at ease, recognising any anxieties within you. Her enthusiasm and passion for the Bowen process give hope to those who are suffering.




Ann Kent-Jones

I first tried Bowen therapy 9 months ago after Drs told me that the degenerated disc in my spine could not be operated on safely and recommended medication to control the pain. I have had both hips replaced and suffer from acute arthritis throughout my whole body, wheelchairs, walking frames and all kinds of mobility devices became normal parts of my day. I was also considering giving up my car, provided through the mobility scheme as it was becoming difficult turning my head to see safely.

NOW ? 9 months later after having Bowen treatment on a regular basis as recommended by Kate my whole life has changed !!!  Putting socks on, tying shoelaces, opening jars /tins, making whatever I want to eat, not just oven-ready meals, these are the basic things in life I no longer struggle with.  I am finding that I can now have FUN, I go swimming, cycling, walking unaided in the countryside, dancing and socialising (wink, wink).  What I first considered a physical treatment is MUCH, MUCH more, I live life to the full and its the truth that I am now enjoying every moment.

Thank you, Bowen and Kate.


George (68)

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