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Founded in the 1950s and developed by Tom Bowen of Geelong, Australia. Tom had a full time

practice treating 280 patients per week, 13,000 people per year with 90% of these only requiring 2-3 treatments.


Brought to the UK in 1993 by Julian Baker who was convinced Bowen would change the way in

which we think of and treat the body, and who has and continues to work tirelessly to teach, inspire and most importantly inform and educate others all across the UK and world about the wonders of Bowen Therapy.


The Bowen Technique is a remedial ‘Hands on, Hands off’ therapy.

The practitioner uses thumbs and forefingers to make light rolling movements across soft tissue, ligaments, tendons and nerve endings to promote the body to remember its own innate ability to heal itself, given the time and space it needs to do so. It is a non-manipulative, non-invasive technique promoting relaxation, reduction or elimination in physical, mental and emotional pain.


Gentle, yet powerful.

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