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How long is a treatment?

The first consultation lasts about an hour as the therapist takes a thorough assessment and medical history. Subsequent treatments will then take approximately 45 minutes.


How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on how you respond to treatment. It is unlikely you will need more than 3 sessions (a week apart) but it could be less and is infrequently more. It can be helpful to have a follow-up treatment a month after your initial course to keep on top of a problem or for general relaxation and body balancing.


Will I need to undress?

No. Treatment can be performed through light clothing. However, heavy fabrics like jeans are not suitable.


Can the Bowen Therapist diagnose what is wrong?

No. The Bowen Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If in doubt please consult your doctor. It is also recommended that you don't alter or reduce your medication in any way without first consulting your doctor.


Is Bowen a form of massage?

No. Bowen works in a completely different way. No oils are used and you do not need to undress.


Can I mix Bowen with other complementary therapies?

Bowen does work well alongside Homeopathy, nutritional therapies and exercise programmes. However, it is important not to receive any other physical treatments for at least 7 days before or after a Bowen treatment. Mixing treatments can result in the body becoming overloaded with different information and may affect the outcome of the treatment. 


I am pregnant. Can I have Bowen therapy?

Yes, most definitely. Bowen has amazing results for pregnant ladies, assisting with back pain, sacral discomfort, and tightness with the diaphragm. But please remember to tell your therapist that you are pregnant when booking your session.



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