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Kate Hamer BSc (Hons) Cert C.B.S


Member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association Certified by The European College of Bowen Therapists



Bowen Therapy is in the blood as my Mum has been a Practitioner for 13 years and I have seen it change hers and her clients lives. Listening to her passion for many years and eventually needing the treatment myself for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome many years ago, when I had been told I needed

keyhole surgery and would never work with my hands again. After 3 treatments, I was without pain, needing no surgery and no recurring CTS since.


I also suffered from anxiety due to work-related stress 5 years ago and had regular treatments since which has been a total game changer for both me and my family.


I have studied with The College of Bowen Studies and Graduated in March 2019. I am a Registered Practitioner with The College of Bowen Studies which ensures I adhere to the high standards set down by the college.

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